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Watt To Wear Print

About Us

Dye-Sublimated Printed Horse Rugs, Stock Shirts, Saddle Covers & Dog Rugs.

Dye-sub, or dye sublimation printing is a versatile, digital printing method that opens up a world of opportunities to any consumer of decorated goods.

Our process involves a state of the art digital printer which delivers stunning photo quality prints and provides the ultimate wide format solution for sign and graphics professionals, sportswear and fashion manufacturers.
We can manufacture garments in your chosen colours, to your design and specification and with added accessories from our varied stock range, this service enables us to compile an image that is unique to your company. With the addition of the new dye sublimation printing service we can offer even greater creativity.

Sublimation is very popular within sportswear, many printed uniforms (horse riding, cycle-wear, football, rugby and basketball) are produced using the sublimation process.

The sublimation process produces permanent images that will not crack or fade, unlike screen and transfer printing where the ink is printed on top of the garment leaving it vulnerable to crack, fade and wear.


Sublimation also infuses the image into the thread of the fabric so that it does not affect the integrity and breathability of the garment.


• Images are permanent and do not peel or fade.


• Dye does not build up on the fabric.


• Colours can be extraordinarily brilliant due to the bonding of the dye to the transparent fibres of the synthetic fabric.


• Truly continuous tones can be achieved that are equivalent to photographs, without the use of special techniques such as half-screen printing.


• The image can be printed all over the entire item, with no difficulty in printing all the way to the edges.